World Class Driving & Flying simulation systems.
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Company description

SimRoom started life in the consumer market with the VisionRacer brand. The technology assets, brand recognistion and delivery has resulted in the design of commercial and advanced training systems in Aerospace and military applications. 

Read what other people say about our driving systems.

"8/10"  Wired Magazine, UK  

"The holy grail of race setup" T3 Magazine,

"The iPod of Gaming" Advergamer, UK 

The VisionRacer brand is the leading design for Game and educational driving simulators.   

Cashflow has been generated via 40+ countries.  PlayStation, Red Bull, NVIDIA, EA and the like use VisionRacer to demonstrate their new technology in 20 countries.

We are seeking expansion capital and partners to address the global opportunity in UAV training area.  

UAV R & D System testimonial from the RMIT University

“The RMIT consulted with SimRoom to get an alternative view of simulation. The Military type suppliers were coming from a top down view, "we have it, so it must be best".  The (ex DARPA -US Govt., Special Technology Research)  RMIT Professor took the view that gaming was providing an expansive, open, well funded technology base. Given our prestigious client base, global systems experience and ability to innovate we were given the latitude to design the simulation and realtime / real world interfaces.  
SimRoom responded with a world class system design, in fact, leading edge.  Their commitment and attention to detail was nothing less that their reputation suggested.

We will be forming a Memorandum of Understanding with SimRoom to further develop and commercialisation of the UAV research undertaken. The domestic and export markets for this sector is substantial and under pressure for solutions at reasonable costs.

SimRoom promised the RMIT something special.  What we have installed is awesome” Dr. Reece Clothier, Deputy Director, Aerospace Research Centre, RMIT.

Dr Clothier is the Deputy Director of the Sir Lawrence Wackett Aerospace Research Centre, and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia."


Business model

Design, Manufacture and Market. 

80% via Direct online eCommerce

10% via Resellers

10% via Retail