Visalyze GmbH.

Visalyze GmbH.
Innsbruck, Austria Austria
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Company description

visalyze, that is Big Data visualization as a game without server cost. Our first application helps social media professionals to understand and stay in charge of the communication processes in their community in realtime.





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Business model

Model a:

Paid monthly plans for our first SaaS product are available starting at inexpensive 22$ per social media source to circumvent prohibitive procurement processes. For example in Facebook alone about 4% of 50 million pages exceed the critical mass of 10.000 fans, which can't be managed manually anymore. A minimal target market share of 0,5% to 2% with average 3 sources earns us $6,8 to $31 million per year. A detailed financial plan is available.

Model b:

Brands, media houses or shareholder driven companies need new ways to tell their media success stories to viewers or investors. We are providing visualization consulting and individual solutions for presentations, video, web and much more. We even integrate visual social media inserts for live TV-shows.


Competitive advantage

Live "X-ray vision" letting social media specialists literally see what they are doing and explore emergent effects like trends, relations and patterns.