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VironIT is a custom software development company with a primary focus on delivering end-to-end software development services. Company’s core areas of expertise are development of mobile applications, web-oriented software products, business software solutions, software integration, updating, support and maintenance of developed applications.

VironIT has successfully carried out over 500 successful projects to over 300 high-profile companies in eHealth, Sports, Banking, Retail, Marketing, Gaming and other industries. The company’s clients range from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations based in Western Europe and North America.

VironIT’s team consists of 50+ seasoned specialists: software developers, engineers, and scientists with expertise in different technical domains. All of the company’s members have bachelor's or master's degrees in sciences and rich experience in the software development field. The most of VironIT employees are senior or mid-level developers.

Having helped,, Thumbtack, Trelleborg and the Turkcell to develop their software, VironIT’s team knows what defines successful software across all industries.

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