Vikshi Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sales and Lead Generation
New Delhi, India India
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Company description

Vikshi Soft Solutions  provides  lead  generation  services  that enable technology companies to rapidly move qualified opportunities into the sales pipeline. Vikshi Soft Solutions  is  offering  database of software companies  in  various  domains.  Presently  we  provide  following databases:-

1. USA based software development companies.
2. USA based startup IT companies.
3. USA based recently funded IT companies.
4. APAC based Software development companies.
5. India based outsource and Software development companies.

Other Services 

Vikshi Soft Solutions provides following other services

* Telesales outbound and inbound call support
* Prospect database development and validation
* Website development and  website hosting 
* Email Campaigns and SMS Campaigns
* Online marketing --  SEO
* Newsletter marketing
* Market research and segmentation