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A boutique social media technology house creating innovative corporate social networking platforms and internet TV
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Innovative social media technology creators for internet TV platforms and business communication; both internally and externally.

Founded in 2006, with a consumer internet TV site and social networking, Developed the idea of internet TV platforms and social networks to create an innovative client solution- brandstation. creates marketing solutions around client’s specific needs and builds custom branded interfaces to meet client objectives. is inspiring the Internet TV and social platform industry and knows that clients want more cutting edge web 2.0 features to be available for both internal and external media communication.


The platform enables companies to enjoy the functionality of a Web 2.0 corporate social network for team collaboration and external brand communications. Some of the features allow users to video blog, customize event calendars, navigate with tag clouds, change design templates with dynamic flash navigation, manage RSS feeds, share social bookmarks, enjoy an intuitive and customized AJAX interface, tag and search content across access controlled team networks.

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