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get better video with prescription encoding
Portland, Oregon, United States United States
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Company description makes it easy to compress your video content at the highest quality and lowest file size. Created by industry expert Robert Reinhardt, this video service analyzes your uploaded source video to deliver the best compression for your content. can also create adaptive streaming content for playback on devices and the web.


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For over a year, I've been building an online video encoding service, I set out on the ambitiuous task of automating the high-quality encoding process I use in my professional practice for clients such as Nike,, and Anyone can upload a video file and quickly create an encoding job for H.264, Flash FLV, or Silverlight Smooth Streaming output without earning a degree in video compression. I've posted some examples of the output from the system:

The secret ingredient for is a custom motion analysis engine that runs on the server after you've uploaded a video clip. Once the complexity of your clip is determined, my proprietary encoding formulas determine how your video should be encoded for your desired target.

Why is complexity important? Most video deployed on the web suffers from one of two technical problems: the video is either under bitrate, where the image quality is blocky, unsharp, and generally unwatchable (think low quality YouTube videos), or the video is over bitrate, where the file size is much larger than necessary for the image quality attained. This is where comes to the rescue: each video is analyzed for its complexity, and as a result, the video is encoded based on its content. So, a video with minimal motion can be encoded at a low bitrate without sacrificing quality, and a video with a larger degree of complexity is encoded at a higher bitrate to retain quality.

Registered members only pay for the encoded clips that they like--each member can upload up to 5GB of source content and test encode as many variations as desired without paying a dime. Once you've achieved the output quality you need (which shouldn't take long with the motion analysis assistance), you pay for the clip with credits and download the file. Every new member receives 20 complimentary credits--try out the system today at!

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    Robert Reinhardt, creator of and VP of [the MAKERS], is internationally regarded as an expert on multimedia application development and online video, particularly in Adobe Flash. Selling over 200,000 copies worldwide in over 13 languag...
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Revenue generated from sales of custom encoded video content. Pipeline: Monthly subscription revenue, recurring hosting revenue.
Competitive advantage

While more and more video services come online each year, none of them can claim to offer the highest quality encoded video at the lowest possible bitrate. Most online video is either low quality (low bitrate), potentially jeopardizing the brand identity of the content served, or a high quality at too high a bitrate, costing a company more money than necessary to deploy the video to its audience.


Robert Reinhardt, creator of, has created a motion analysis engine that evaluates each video uploaded to the system and designates how the video should be included for the target(s) designated by the user. For example, if a low motion video clip (e.g. talking head interview) is uploaded to the system, then output using the motion analysis data will have a lower bitrate at a high quality than a typical video encoder preset can create. Conversely, a high motion video clip (e.g. action movie trailer or sports clip) will be given a higher bitrate to retain quality.