the first search video engine on Facebook
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Company description

Videoliked is a Facebook App and is the first video search engine on Facebook.

Videoliked is an application that works on video contents shared on Facebook social networking.

The Videoliked basic idea is to create an application for Facebook and for mobile devices, that is be able to:

  • research
  • collect
  • categorize
  • classify

all video clips directly on the famous social network.

The aim of Videoliked is to work on Facebook videos by searching, storing and categorizing them allowing a better fruition for user.

In particular, application features are:

  • video research (for: keywords entered by the user, resetting default keyword, channel default pre-set, date of publication)
  • clusterization (based on: share number, like number, our Facebook friends, most watched viedeos by Videoliked users, suggested videos on the basis of your interests, sponsored videos) and ordering videos
  • user interaction
  • evidence and suggestions of users videos
  • account management 

The Videoliked application, thanks to the fully integration with Facebook, open a new kind of business, infact is able to create a:

  • Social TV, in order to maximize the Social Sharing
  • Facebook TV, 'cause is the first platform to research, collect and categorize all the Facebook videos.
  • Engagement TV, because the user experience is enriched by his chance to interact with "like", "comment" and "shares" activities.

All the users (guest and user logged by Facebook both simple that business) are able to use it (different type of users have different type of services they can access), for an amount of more than 1,5 billion potential customers only inside the social network.

The best advantages are that Videoliked is patented and there is no competitors at the moment.