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Company description

Vibme is retail sale of digital rights storage. Vibme holds the essential patents to "digital copy."

Company summary

Have you seen the "digital copy" for movies and music in retail stores? It's pretty hard to miss. Digital rights storage like "Ultraviolet" is happening. Consumer demand leads the technology and Vibme has secured the license to essential patents for distribution methods used in retail presentation of a "digital copy."

Have you ever wondered why companies like Warner Brothers, Sony, WalMart, and others have only dabbled in "digital copy?" The answer is simple, we hold the patents. Vibme’s launch product, called the SCART™ Card, stands for “Secure Consumer Advantaged Retail Tagging” for digital download-to-own. As the name suggests, Retail Tagging is a patented new means whereby specific download-to-own digital goods (also called electronic sellthrough “EST”) like a movie or music album for example, are sold at retail rather than online with credit cards or other account driven online purchases.

Ultraviolet is moving DVD and Bluray into the cloud. Vibme is here to sell it at retail.

Business model

Vibme licenses and facilitates the distribution of media. The company will create its revenue through various streams including licensing of SCART-Card, production and placement of self serve kiosks, direct online sales, online up-sells from retail lead product, ad sales, market data sales, and digital maintenance services. Our distribution dollars derive from the our proprietary systems and the savings created by the digital nature of SCART-Card, increased efficiency in the business cycle, increased economies of scale, and our lengthening of the life cycle of an asset.

Competitive advantage

Vibme is a unique market player in that no other company has SCART-cards. Other companies can do prepaid, other companies can do direct online sales but it is just not the same. Vibme’s SCART-cards are already poised to reach sustainability equilibrium holding 3.6% share of the $11B home “video” sales market in the U.S. or roughly $320 million from SCART sales and 1% - 2% share of the direct online purchase market for $80 million USD annually.