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Verican is a leading provider of network and advertising solutions to the newspaper industry. The Verican Network is built on a scalable "software as a service" (SaaS) business model, enabling newspapers to maximize the value of their online content with a series of integrated products including Classifieds Order Entry, Network Classifieds, Email Newsletter, Recruitment and Personals.

All products are focused on integration within the community and leveraging the network effect by joining publications in surrounding communities. Newspapers within the network share free and paid classified ads throughout the region, greatly expanding their reach, readership and revenue. This creates new classifieds and banner-advertising opportunities, which newspapers can further sell to local businesses. The rapidly expanding Verican Network directly reaches local readers and advertisers, and fills the gap where Google, Yahoo, eBay, and other Internet giants are unable to break in.

Verican products do not risk or dilute local brands because is not a destination site. Instead, Verican's products enhance local brands by providing customers more value and access to a greatly expanded network.

Verican works with nearly 200 newspaper customers nationwide, and 8 statewide newspaper associations.