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 The Veotag web video publishing platform is a better way to watch online video and audio. Veotag allows end users to add visual search to audio and video and makes videos searchable from outside search engines. With a customizable player and the ability to deliver targeted and time-sensitive content like advertising, Veotag is revolutionizing the way people think about how they can use audio and video as a way to communicate.

With Veotag, content producers can make active tables of contents, and descriptions that enrich their audience’s experiences. The audience sees the text menus whenever they play a Veotagged file on the web and that text is linked to the file on a time basis, so whenever the audience clicks on a Veotag, they jump right to that part of the file. Longer audio and video files can especially benefit from being Veotagged for two reasons. First the table of contents is a visual search aid to enable the audience to see where in the video they have been, where they are, and most importantly, how to get to the most relevant content quickly. Secondly, once a media file is Veotagged, the content in the file is instantaneously exposed to all major industry search engines. This allows the world to search within the audio or video file, not just for it. Veotag provides additional services such as custom branding of the player; this creates a richer customer experience and can be coordinated with time-sensitive messaging as well. The Veotag platform is highly extensible creating a great opportunity to verticalize and customize the Veotag solution.

Veotag – a better way to watch

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