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RR Donnelley’s Venue® virtual data room is the data room of choice for managing critical information. Whether conducting due diligence for a merger, raising capital, or developing a document repository, our Venue virtual data room is your ideal workspace for deals done simple.

Experience and Ingenuity

They say we learn from history. Well, we lived it. Since 1864, RR Donnelley has grown from a small printing company to a Fortune 250 organisation, with 65,000 employees, 60,000 customers and $10.5 billion in 2013 revenue. We’re armed with one major tool that other virtual data rooms lack: experience.

Industry Leading Security

High profile deals require industry-leading protection. The Venue® platform is equipped and tested with top-level technology to allow you the peace of mind to know your documents are safe both physically and digitally from being viewed by anyone without permission.

Project Management

Our project managers are available around the clock to deliver solutions to your data room needs, and beyond, at a moment’s notice. From arranging a physical data room in Buenos Aires within the hour, to cost management consultancy, they’re here to help you get it done. Faster.

Ease of Use

We get it. With a VDR you want to be in, out and on your way. It's why the Venue platform’s intuitive interface is crafted for speed and ease. To get the deal done.