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Company description

Be a part of something amazing.

How would you like to be a founding member of the next big thing and work on brand new projects? This is the place to find those opportunities. You just never know what you'll bump into.

We're with you before day one.

You have a great concept, but no idea how to accomplish it. Other organizations will turn away. We bring you the help you need before you even have a business plan or a prototype.

A new way to build your vision.

We are not crowd funding. We are not Venture Capital. We are not a bank. Yet, we have a way to help you get your vision of being a business owner accomplished. Find out how we do just that.


Think about Ventrifuge in the same way you would a matchmaker, but used instead to maximize your opportunities of finding business partners.

Business model

At this point we are trying to build a following and client list as soon as we release beta. At this point we have a growing following and mailing list. We will be 100% free to use, and freemium services are in the next step of the plan.

Competitive advantage

We are a free service who specializes in the maker movement. Our niche includes brilliant people with little money to get started and no product yet to seek crowdfunding.