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The VendScreen™ device uses an Android operating system, which can be easily retrofitted into the cutout slot of any vending machine. For the first time in vending, advertising and promotions can be directed at the user of the machine, while the machine itself is kept in compliance with nutritional information disclosures.

VendScreen™ combines a 4.3 inch touchscreen, credit card swipe, near field communications for payments (NFC) and simple connections to DEX and MDB supported by all recent vending machines. VendScreen’s patent pending solution integrates with back end systems like MEI Easitrax and Streamware, ensuring the product and nutritional information displayed matches the contents of the machine.

Unlike other solutions, this device is self-contained and installs on the front of vending machines, requiring no Velcro or complicated in-machine box solutions. VendScreen™ also has an OEM’s version using a larger format screen, which would replace the keypad in existing machines.