VedaloHD Performance Eyewear

VedaloHD Performance Eyewear
Revolutionary Sight
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States United States
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Company description

VedaloHD loosely translates in Italian to "see it in High Definition", which is what our revolutionary lens science allows our eyes to do.   VedaloHD's products incorporate  our revolutionary sunglass lens technology trademarked SolarMax.. Our propreitary SolarMax lense science equalizes the color spectrum, improves color contrast and increases the response time of the eye's receptor cells, all of which increase color sensitivity and improve visual performance.  The results of this new technology are dynamic, especially when compared to all other conventional color restricting sunglass lenses available today.  We believe that comparing our lens to other sunglasses is like comparing a high definition plasma television to a monochrome television.

Business model

 VedaloHD develops and markets the patented new sunglass lens technology called HDL-3C. This high definition lens allows our eyes to see improved color and color contrast with our lens by utilizing a tri-stimulus color contrast techniques. The Company's objective is to introduce this innovative lens technology to motivated consumers in particular markets who will benefit from our dynamic lens science. VedaloHD has exclusive rights to design, manufacter and sell the HDL-3C to the $2 billion US sunglass market as well as internationally.

Competitive advantage

VedaloHD is selling products incorporating HDL-3C technology, the first true innovation in sunglass lens technology since polarization was introduced over 70 years ago.  The patented HDL-3C lens technology is the catalyst of VedaloHD's success.  A large European producer of high-end optical lens materials developed & patented this new technology which is a tri-stimulus filter that is actually manufactured directly into the lens materials itself.  It is not a tinting, coating or a layering process that most other high end sport glasses use that reduces our eyes capacity to recognize color. VedaloHD's innovative lens science increases the eye's receptors response time by equalizing the color in the color spectrum which results in a drastic improvement in color comphrension and contrast recognition.  The effect is dynamic and actually allows our eyes to recognize color and color contrast better than the naked eye can. This technology is superior to exisitng conventional lenses that reduce color sensitivity by merely tinting of the lens that may increase sensitivity of one color in the color spectrum but causes a direct reduction of another color at the opposite end of the color spectrum. The results of VedaloHD's technology is instantly recognized uopn trial and consumers comments with what we call the "WOW" effect.