Vator, Inc.
Location: Alameda, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 09/2009, Seed: $1.5 M
Investors: Peter Thiel, Anurag Nigam, Andy Kurtzig, Mike Ackrell, Drew Curtis, Bambi Francisco Roizen, David Dean
Short URL:

Vator has the best b-plan competition platform around which we use to source deals and to simply stay on top of new ideas and startup trends. And Vator News has the best 'short and to the point' startup/entrepreneur interviews anywhere. You can find out what you need to know quickly so that you can move on to tackling the rest of the day.

Vator has been great for eCareDiary and is a tremendous help to start-ups in so many ways. We have connected with a potential investor through Vator so I can't state how valuable this site has been to us.

Vator's competition platform made it simple to judge contestants by accessing video, PPT, ratings, executive summaries all in one place. It's the most efficient solution to judging competitions and it makes the process of judging a lot more fun! And the Vator Splash competition makes it easy and efficient to review a large number of early-stage startups that I would not otherwise have been exposed to

Udemy was the winner of the May 2010 Vator Splash, and it was perhaps the most important award we've won to-date. Vator Splash is an incredible event in which entrepreneurs are given a chance to showcase their wares in front of a huge crowd of investors, advisors, executives and fellow entrepreneurs. Bambi and team do a great job running the event and bring in top-quality speakers and judges. The event provides results: a significant number of investors, advisors and business development opportunities arose after we won Vator Splash in front of a crowd of more than 200. Furthermore, one of the judges - Dave McClure - ended up investing in our company. Finally, VatorSplash was a great momentum-builder for us as we were getting ready to fundraise. The victory provided social proof to prospective investors and increased our chances of successfully attracting investment. We went on to raise $1M from a great group of angel investors!

If you are lucky enough to get in front of the real Vator community (including investors and coaches and CEOs who have been though the wars) you can reap the benefits of their company and advice in no uncertain terms. To the point, unflinching reality, invaluable side notes, and a few musical notes thrown in for levity. A GREAT resource for ANY fledgling start-up, restart, or new CEO who thinks they've heard it all... Highly recommended.


Vator, Inc.

California, United States United States

Vator (short for innovator) aims to help great entrepreneurs find funding, and for investors to get in on the ground floor of tomorrow's leading companies. Founded and run by award-winning journalist Bambi Francisco, Vator has a vibrant social network, events and news platform.

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Company description

Vator (short for innovator) is an awesome professional network for entrepreneurs and investors that sits at the intersection of media and finance. Our entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of startups, investors, strategics and service providers.

Vator’s platform offers an extensive set of services to the entrepreneurial community.  Here is a quick summary of our suite of offerings:

VatorNews: Research, analysis and coverage, spanning news, thought leadership and lessons learned

VatorX: SaaS platform leveraged by startup communities and competitions to rank and filter participating startups

Vator Events: Well recognized large and small events across numerous geographies and sectors

Vator Investment Club: Our investor group for accredited investor members of the Vator community

Vator Teams: Our confidential acquihire platform for startup teams


Vator was originally founded by Bambi Francisco and seed funded by its original lead investor Peter Thiel as a social network for startups and investors, combining media coverage with rich profiles and filtering. Over the more than decade since its founding Vator has expanded to offer a full range of services to the entrepreneurial community. Today Vator is a well-recognized and trusted member of the startup community.

Business Model

Vator has a range of business models due to its diversified set of offerings.


Business model

lead generation, sponsorships, licensing

Peter Thiel
Managing Partner, Founders Fund
Anurag Nigam
He is the President & Board Director of Sand Hill Angels, a group of 60 Silicon Valley angels investing in innovative technology companies.  He has been an active angel investor for the last 8 years putting his money into 40+ companies in...
Andy Kurtzig
CEO of JustAnswer; Investor in Vator Investment Club (VIC)
Mike Ackrell
ABN Amro, Head of Technology Investment Banking, 2000-2001 WR Hambrecht, Head of Investment Banking, 1999-2000 Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Technology Investment Banking, 1988-1999
Drew Curtis
Founder/CEO/Sole Owner Fark, Inc
Bambi Francisco Roizen
Founder Vator, Managing Partner - Vator Investment Club; Former Columnist/correspondent Dow Jones MarketWatch; Business anchor CBS affiliate KPIX
David Dean
David Dean - Unconfirmed