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Company description

We're a team of providers and programmers leveraging advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver the affordable, accessible, and effective healthcare everyone deserves. Our first solution is Allevia™, an AI-powered intake solution that automates clinical notes for healthcare providers.


 How Allevia™ works:

  1. Mobile Notification: As soon as an appointment is made at the office, the patient will receive a text message, email, or portal notification asking them to fill out a Pre-appointment Questionnaire. Patients can do this on any device, anywhere, any time.

  2. AI-Powered Intake: Allevia™ uses intelligent algorithms to cross reference evidence-based literature with the patient's chief complaint, medical history, and visitation reason to identify the most pertinent clinical questions unique to their presentation.

  3. Draft EHR Note: Allevia™ converts the patient's responses into a draft note directly in your EHR, leaving you with the best door note possible about your patient - all before ever stepping foot in an exam room.






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Business model

B2B2C SaaS priced at $195 per provider/month. 

Value Proposition:

  1. Less Time Documenting, More Time Doctoring - Allevia™ reduces MD data entry by 30%, leading to 720 minutes saved per provider/month.
  2. Quality Notes, Quality Care - Allevia™ provides an in-depth clinician-level "door note" containing key history data elements, lending providers greater insight to develop more accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.
  3. Accurate Billing - Since Allevia™ is capable of performing clinician-level intake, our technology can increase the accuracy of E/M CPT codes in 10% of cases, recouping up to an additional $5600 per provider/year in otherwise lost revenue due to undercoding.
  4. Clinical Asset Efficiency - Allevia™ maximizes the efficiency of clinical FTEs by 15%, leading up to 2 or more patients seen per provider/day.
  5. Maximal ROI - Allevia™ is associated with a 24 ROI ratio, providing the greatest annual return ($55600) for the lowest liability($195 x 12 months) per unit on the balance sheet compared to scribes and other services.
  6. Provider & Patient Satisfaction - 90% of patients and providers prefer using Allevia™ when compared to traditional intake methods and clinical documentation support.
Competitive advantage
  • Preserves Clinical Workflow - Allevia™ is a 100% patient-facing solution that preserves provider workflow in the best way possible - by not having providers interact with the technology at all.

  • The Best Door Note Possible - Allevia™ provides a draft EHR note before they even see their patient, giving them a "road map" in advance that can be used to develop a higher quality care plan. Additionally, research suggests equipping providers with the patient's unique history beforehand contributes to higher patient satisfaction.

  • Higher Quality Encounters - Other scribing technologies still require the provider to spend their already-limited amount of time with patients on clinical intake and history taking, which is associated with lower patient satisfaction. By engaging in clinician-level intake outside of the exam room, Allevia™ maximizes the quality of the patient-provider encounter by reducing clinical interrogation time, allowing providers to focus consultation time on the tasks that truly drive positive outcomes: shared decision-makingpatient education, and the physical exam.

  • Device-independent - Recent reports suggest private company staff may be listening in on smart speaker conversations and other hardware. Additionally, hardware requirements contribute to significant fixed costs and may pose additional exposure to security risks. Allevia™ is a cloud-based, device-independent web application that provides patients maximal privacy and security within our encrypted, HIPAA-compliant servers accessible only by a limited number of our administrators - not by the big tech companies.

  • Unified Branding - We understand the importance of your organization's brand power in the eyes of your patients. That's why we're happy to white-label our system with your organization logo and color scheme.

  • No Behavior Changes - Not all patients use voice-based tools - but virtually all interact with touch-based mobile devicesevery day. Allevia™ maximizes compliance and usability with a touch-based system that can be done anywhere, any time, and on any device.