uTemporis, Inc.

uTemporis, Inc.
Search the world for fun events!
San Diego, California, United States United States
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Company description

Search the world for fun events! 

Time to Enjoy has transformed your mobile phone calendar into a search engine for events. Find a date and time you are available; and simply tap to search for events based on your date, time, location, search radius and personal preferences. Discover something you like; and simply tap to add it to your mobile calendar. Ready to have fun; simply tap to invite friends and family.

The key differentiator of Time to Enjoy is time. Other Apps and websites focus on what; we start with when. When are you available? When do you have time to spend with your family? When do you have friends visiting? When do you have free time on a business trip? Your calendar is a great way to find time when you are available.

uTemporis is a privately held technology company based in San Diego, California. The company is privately funded and will be seeking qualified investors and partners to expand the Time to Enjoy platform. Additional information is available on the company’s website at www.timetoenjoy.com.

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Business model

Our mission is to be the driving platform where event providers connect with people looking for events.  It is a big idea and won't happen overnight. 

If we succeed, our revenue models will be event promotion and deal distribution. 

Event promotion:  Insert promoted events at the top of search results (think Google).  The average event is promoted 6-8 weeks in advance  and event promotion is a 22 billion dollar per year industry. 

Deal distribution:  Deals continue to be a hot, yet crowded industry.  We just want to distribute them; location-based, relevant to our users.  Going to a concert on Thursday night night at 8pm in LA at The Greek Theater... how about 20% off an entree at Tangier Korean BBQ of Tokyo just down the street?

Competitive advantage

We are the first to use a calendar as user interface for searching for time-based events (patent pending).

An awesome designer and an experienced team capable of iterating based on constructive user feedback while maintaining a long term vision also helps.