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Company description

Usnaps  is the brainchild of serial innovator, Jimmy Clarke. He is a photographer and when we started our family, he decided to build a robot to send out to events. Many robots. is the modern version of the photo booth. You take your own pics which makes any event, fun.
Plus, it has "rockstar" lighting. At least, that's what I call it.
Your guests go online and relive the party and share the photos with their friends. For FREE.
 That is Usnaps at it's simplest. We have many other technical services, but I'll let you discover that on Facebook, our Blog, etc.
We are based in Seattle, WA, but can also be found all over North America. We've also traveled to France for the Advertising Festival with Leo Burnett and Nike for a World Cup Pop-Up store.
You might also recognize us from Access Hollywood. :)
Gimme a call if you are interested in hearing more. I'd love to tell you!