Location: WILLISTON, Vermont, United States
Founded in: 2017
Number of employees: 1-5
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WILLISTON, Vermont, United States
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Creating Micro-Moments for Your Customers, Upsell Opportunities For Your Business. “People who bought this, also purchased…” Upselling and cross-selling have been age old strategies used by retailers driving additional sales at the retail point of sale. As e-commerce has matured to a viable selling and delivery tool, retailers, have lost their personal sales presence they once commanded at their bricks and mortar stores. Until now. Introducing Upsell Direct, the Future of E-commerce, for manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce websites. Upsell Direct is an innovative start-up utilizing special tags and patented Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to help retailers/manufacturers create additional opportunities for selling personalized related products after their product has been shipped and received, extending every customer’s initial sales encounter. The NFC tag can be placed on the product, on an insert inside the product’s package and/or on the package itself. The tag can easily be tapped by the consumer’s smart phone automatically connecting the consumer to a personalized and customized website where suggested upsell and cross-sell products can easily be viewed and ordered. We capture a micro-moment during the unboxing experience for you. Bottom line – extends your product’s life cycle, generate new sources of revenue and increase sales and profits.