Unruly Studios
Location: United States of America
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Unruly Studios

United States of America
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Company description

"Unruly Studios is an edtech startup that creates interactive experiences to empower kids with critical STEM skills while encouraging physical play and social engagement. Our products get kids moving around and engaging with the whole room for the their first ever experience of Active STEM Play. Unruly Studios is the only edtech kids product in the market that makes learning technical STEM skills energetic, playful and fun! We are creating experiences that ensure a holistic development for kids – physical, intellectual, and social. The experiences we create involve a combination of hardware, software, and community, and are available to a B2C audience of parents, and a B2B audience of the education market. Our first product, Unruly Splats, is a set of two electronic floor buttons that kids can code to light up, make sounds, and sense when you jump on them. It teaches kids how to code their own games and then play those games with their friends. Unlike most edtech products, kids do not code an object to move, Unruly Splats makes kids move themselves! They have to code, create, run, jump, engage with friends and iterate through the process. Unruly Splats are wireless, have a 25-foot range for play, and can be programmed wirelessly by a computing device. Unruly Splats challenges kids to apply STEM skills to the real world, creating active games to play with friends. Kids can play classic games like hopscotch, dance routines, obstacle courses, relay races and code a thousand