Location: 223 regents street, London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Not for profit
Number of employees: 50+
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Universal Film and Festival Organization

Promoting trust and ethics in the entertainment industry
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom

UFFO,is a global voluntary organization and is not-for-profit. It was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the film making community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in best business practice. To date we have been very successful in this endeavor.

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Company description

The Universal Film & Festival Organization was founded to support and implement best business practices for film festivals throughout the world.

UFFO,is a global voluntary organization and is not-for-profit. It was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the filmmaking community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in best business practice. To date we have been very successful in this endeavour.

The UFFO best business practices is completely voluntary, it is free and easy to implement. In addition it is a blueprint for filmmakers in deciding which film festivals to do business with

UFFO is also an open international organization and membership is open to all creative individuals, filmmakers and film festivals

Business model

The Universal Film & Festival Organization Future Plans and Update

The Universal Film & Festival Organization (UFFO) has been an international non-profit voluntary organization in existence since 2010. The timing is finally right for our mission to have a permanent home, so our new focus will be the development of the UFFO Institute, which will provide a space for year-round working environment f
or the headquarters of the Universal Film & Festival Organization and its member Festivals. We will also invite other non-for- profit organizations from the entertainment industry to operate under the UFFO roof.

UFFO was founded to support and implement best business practices for film festivals and is the only organization of its kind in the world. UFFO is a global voluntary organization and is not-for-profit and was created to bring together the highest quality of Film Festivals and the filmmaking community by encouraging film festivals to become sound in best business practices. To date we have been very successful in this endeavor with over 170 international film festivals. The UFFO best business practices is completely voluntary, it is free and easy to implement, in addition it is a blueprint for filmmakers in deciding which film festivals to do business with.

Universal Film Magazine

UFFO also has an international crossover magazine, the Universal Film Magazine (UFM) which is a free publication being distributed throughout the entire UFFO network. The magazine is filled with exciting and gritty content and covers topics from established industry professionals about film Finance, film festivals, industry news, reviews, cinematography, director training, film schools, projects in development and animation. The magazine has also brought in many big names in the entertainment industry as advertisers and can also be enlisted as future potential sponsors of UFFO.

Best of Festivals Annual Event

The UFFO organization is planning an annual "UFFO Best of Festivals" event for its 170 festival members winning films. The event will be a three day event with an International film market and film festival planned and hosted by a strategic partner. The film awards ceremony will look at clips of the films nominated by UFFO film festival members and awards will be given out to the winning films of each category. UFFO has been in discussions with Quintessentially Events, a mulch-award-winning international event company to host the event.

Film Submission Service

Every year hundreds of thousands of filmmakers submit their film to film festivals all over the world. The only real film submission provider in the entire world is Withoutabox (WAB), owned by IMDb/Amazon, this is a billion dollar industry but has been widely criticized by filmmakers and festival alike for excessive commission fees and a platform that has been criticized by the community. The time is now right for a competitor to enter this very lucrative market, UFFO will be providing a submission service to filmmakers and its member film festivals via an online platform that will not only compete with WAB but will be designed to be far superior and less expensive for filmmakers and film festivals.

Judging System

The main element that has been highly criticized by the community in the film festival industry is the film judging process. While it is true that many festivals organizers are filmmaker themselves it can be very difficult to have a jury that is entirely independent and without favoritism. UFFO plans to provide a fair judging system to judge filmmakers films, the added bonus for the film festivals is that the festival is automatically programmed based upon the results of UFFO international judges.

Ticketing System

All Film Festivals depend on ticket sales to raise revenue, so when festival staff process orders, this bites into the revenue of the festival. UFFO will provide an online ticketing system to its film festival members that adapts to the festivals specific ticketing needs, making it easier for filmmakers and cinema goes to purchase tickets for the film festivals.

Film Distribution "Best Business Practices"

The distribution of a film (or movie) is the process through which a movie is made available to watch for an audience by a film distributor. This is accomplished in a variety of ways but is done normally through a licensing of the film rights for a specific period of time by a distributor or sales agent. However this side of the industry is fraught with difficulties for filmmakers as many less that reputable distribution companies and sales agents stack the cards in their own favor with one-sided license contracts that allow the profits from a film to be eaten up with exorbitant and unnecessary expenses.

We are currently creating a new set of "Best Business Practices" for Film Distributors that will level the playing field and will provides a framework for good business relations between filmmakers and distributors. The set of best business practices will be overseen by the UFFO Committee composed of representatives from the film-making community

UFFO Film Schools Partnership

Film Schools and universities are a major part of the UFFO institute remit which will benefit by having access to the UFFO Institute. We plan to unite the film schools by preparing the students for entry into the workplace, this a shortfall we have identified in many film schools around the world where only the top 5% of students actually end up working in the film industry.

The UFFO learning program

The UFFO learning program will be an on-going program that works in partnership with Film Institutes, Film Schools and Universities to provide wide-ranging and intensive instruction in the methods, technology and art of media production and film by industry working professionals. This will include screenings, workshops, lectures, panel discussions, master classes and hands-on events.

UFFO Cinema Archive

The UFFO institute will be the home of the UFFO Cinema Archive, one of the world's most complete and impressive collections of rare films spanning the entire history of cinema, from 1895 to today, which will be utilized for exhibition, education, and promotion. An on-line tour of the UFFO Archive "The History of Cinema" will form a basis for the general understanding and reference of film history highlights, and will provide an entertaining and fascinating tool for people, students and film industry professionals interested in furthering their knowledge of cinema history.

Original films from many countries, telling the story of Silent Movies and The Golden Age of the Studio System, German Expressionism, Russian Constructivism, Italian Neorealism, French Nouvelle Vague, and many more contemporary genres and movements will be utilized for in-house exhibitions. The on-line tour will eventually be published, and the exhibition will go on tour to other film festivals and film museums around the world.

UFFO Committee

Below are list of the UFFO international committee, some name are more familiar that others but suffice to say that the committee as a whole is a very influential group of individuals who are committed to the UFFO remit.

Maureen O' Hara - Film Actress - President of UFFO
Tyrone D Murphy - Award Winning Producer/Director (chairman and UFFO founder)
Tyrone Power JR - Actor - Chairman UFFO Committee USA
David D Lewis LLB - Solicitor/Lawyer - UFFO Head of Legal Affairs
Michael Wolkind QC - Barrister at Law - UFFO Committee + Legal Advisor (Criminal) UK
James Price QC - Barrister at Law - UFFO Committee + Legal Advisor (media) UK
Gene Goodsell - Lawyer - UFFO Committee + Legal Advisor (Entertainment ) USA + Australia
Robert Licursi - Media Grinder, Inc., COO - Commitee USA
Konrad Hollenstein - Producer - Chairman UFFO Committee Germany
Kathleen Nemec - Banker - Vice Chair UFFO Committee USA
Particia J. Pawlak - International Film Distribution (Committee Member) NJ, USA
David Cormican - Film Devlopment Executive - (Committee member) Canada
Frank Pappas - Film Studies Lecturer (Student Committee Member) CA, USA
Russell Hess - Filmmaker - (Committee member) Tampa, Florida USA
Beau Yotty - Actor - (Committee member) Hollywood, Florida USA
Lunden De'Leon - Film Producer (Committee Member) South Carolina, USA
Georgia Hilton - Film & Broadcast Editor (Committee Member) New York, USA
Leah Maines - Executive Producer - (Committee Member) Georgetown, KY, USA
Stephanie Piche - TV Network Executive (Committee Member) Marina Del Ray, CA, USA
Roger Slagle - Screen writer - (Committee member) CA, USA
Matthew Hahn - Filmmaker - (Committee member) Severn, MD, USA
Tammy Kinsey MFA - University Film Lecturer - (Commmittee Member) OH, USA
Laurie Bianchi - Marketing & Sponsorship - (Committee Member) San Diego, CA, USA
Olivia Brooks-Scrivanich - Screenplay Writer - (Committee Member) Kirkland, WA, USA
Dennis Weiser - Novelist - (Committee Member) Missouri, USA
Jeffery O'Kelly - Animator - (Committee Member) UK
James Abadi - Producer - Combined Mind (Committee Member) UK
Franzi Florack - International Student Film Organization (Committee member) UK
Chris Patmore - Film & Festival Magizine Editor (committee member) UK
Ev Johnson - Marketing Professional - (Committee Member) London UK
Yilong Chen - Media PR - (Committee Member) China
Chris O'Dell BSC - DOP (Committee member) Ireland
Denis Desmond - Casting Agent (Committee member) Eire - Ireland
Barry Friedman - Indie film maker (Committee Member) Jerusalem, Israel
Angelo D'Alessio - Center For Acessible Media (Committee Member) Italy
Beatrice Tillmann - Producer (Committee Member) Berlin, Germany
Artan Geca - Producer (Committee member) Kosovo/Albania
Kevin Anthony - Photographer - (Student committee member) Wales
Arturo Preciado - Filmmaker - (Committee member) Mexico
Lawrence Gray - writer/director - (Committee member) Hong Kong & Singapore
Ana Dandara (DANDARA) - Filmmaker - (Committee member) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sumesh Ramankutty - Media and Marketing Specialist (Committee member) India
Ashwani Singh - Editor - (Committee Member) Mumbai, India
Anjani Kumar Srivastave - Associate Professor Film Studies (committee member) New Delhi, India
Munish Goel - Director - (commmittee Member) Bangalore, India
Dr Ajay Phutan - Producer - (Committee Member) Maharastra County, India
Waleed Hashem - Events Management - (Committee member) Cairo, Egypt
Chantal Denoux - Filmmaker - (Committee member) Australia
Kamelia Sojlevska - Broadcast Journalist - (Committee Member) Macedonia
Kimberley A Vasquez - Director/Writer - (Committee Member) Belize
Marek Nawracaj - Producer - (Committee Member) Poland
Lucie Lennox - Casting Director - (Committee Member) Barcelona Spain
Raziah Mwawanga - Tanzania Media Fund - (Commmittee Member) Tanzania, Africa
Razibul Hossain - Senior Film Lecturer - (Committee Member) Bangladesh
Gustavo Letelier - Film Producer - (Committee Member) Chile
Muhammad Zaheeruddin - Broadcaster - (Committee Member) Islamabad, Pakistan
Matilde Carmo - Festival Management - (Committee Member) Portugal
Scott Rosenberg - Bureau Chief Film Journal International (Committee member) Thailand
Tomas Prasek - Film Festival Management software (Committee Member) Czech Republic
George T Marshall - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Rhode Island, USA
Antonietta Ciarniello - Festival Director - FoPe Fest - (Committee member) Italy
Frank McCarthy - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Ireland
Mohen Naorem - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Manipur, India
Jakub korda - Festival Director - (Committee member) Czech Republic
Katrina Tan - Festival Director (Committee Member) Philippines
Martin Dansky - Film Director - (Committee Member) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Susan Johnson - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Los Angeles, USA
Toni Navorro - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Barcolna Spain
Fidelis Ducker - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Nigeria
Greg Rope - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Pennsylvania, USA
Augustin Zonjic - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) Croitia
Marc Olivier - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) France
Margarer Chew Barringer - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) USA
Philip Capobres - Film Festival Organizer - (Committee member) USA

Strategic Alliances

We have already formed several strategic alliances with various international organizations and businesses that will help or have helped to make the UFFO remit a success. Other professionals "in the field" will be of tremendous importance to development of sponsorship, programming, and alliances, for the UFFO Institute. For example, Robert Licursi who is the COO of Media Grinder Inc. and other film festival capacities will be a consultant in many development and operational areas, including sponsorship and programming. Xavier Rashid, the former executive director of the Raindance Film Festival, will be consultant in development and liaison in the international film festival circuit.

International organizations and bodies such as the Directors Guild of Great Britain, Cinovat, Directors UK, ProductionBase, The Art Cinema Network (3000 cinemas), and others all can or have participated in collaboration with UFFO. Collaborative presentations will be a major part of the UFFO Institute, such as annual "UFFO Best of Festivals" event. UFFO will specialize in collaboration between festivals and industry organizations to make a film festival that incorporates the different arts.

Competitive advantage

UFFO is the only organization in the World that was set up to help prevent fraud in the filmmaking industry and to help film festivals to establish credability in the industry