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Unitech Wireless
Reinventing the Mobile Industry
Houston, Texas, United States United States
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Company description

Unitech Wireless is one of the World's leading mobile phone & accessories distributors powering the mobile industry. Customers now benefits from our unparalleled experience and professional services. We have a proven track record dating back to our inception in 2000 with a proven ability to scale. We deliver profitable reliable products to our customers and service that is anticipated.

Unitech Wireless, Inc. is focused on functioning needs and customer satisfaction through nonstop support from point of sale throughout the entire distribution process. Our goal is to improve your company growth and accomplish this via our leveraged position in the market place and our strategic partnerships with OEM manufactures, carriers, trusted distributors, large scale retail chains, as well as a growing number of dealers.

Our goal is to ease the hurdles of today's mounting complexity of doing business in the mobile phone industry by providing advanced logistical services and choice products to our ever escalating list of customers. Our highly trained staff, award winning sales team, and state of the art warehousing provide all of our customers and affiliates with the utmost in contentment and amplified profitability.

We can instantaneously render our products and services to all points worldwide through our seamless and tactically positioned supply chain.

Business model

We specialize in GSM handsets (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) in addition to carrying a full line of CDMA, TDMA, and iDEN product. We carry OEM merchandise in a variety of conditions, as well as a full line of operator stock. We also have a huge selection of after market accessories ready to ship at any given time.

Asset Recovery - Unitech Wireless, Inc. maintains a largely successful asset recovery program for dealers, retailers, chain stores, outlet stores, network operators, and manufacturers alike. Our specialized liquidation team has a proven track record with the largest names in the mobile phone industry. We provide a one-stop solution for our clients in need of turning end-of-life inventory into revenue, providing your company with the necessary capital it seeks. We are able to liquidate your undesirables with a convenient and logistically sound method that has been recognized in the industry as the fore-front of asset recovery. Our program is designed to absorb all unwanted inventory in a wide variety of conditioning to better cater to your needs. The tools we are able to provide will propel your company's business needs and further the goals of your current line of business without adverse losses or increased operational costs.

Software - We have a state of the art warehouse which supports our team of software specialists that are dedicated to getting your company the desired product with all necessary pre-loaded software. We understand the need for customization of handset software and we answer the call with an efficient program that will flash, lock/unlock, upload, and deliver your products with the specifications your brand requires.

Customization & Branding - We are able to produce a custom package as per our client's requirements which will aid in market presence and recognition for your company and your product. We can support custom collateral needs as well in order to have your product reach its end user without the need for your company to use valuable human resources for the same purposes, creating a more efficient use of your internal strategies. We also support custom wake-up banners and handset logos on most major makes and models. We market your company because your name is important to your business.