Location: Yaroslavskyi street 1/3, Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 04/2017, Acquisition: undisclosed amount
Acquirer: From sale contracts of customasible exoskeletons
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The European Youth Award (EYA) is a pan-European contest to motivate young people, social entrepreneurs, and start-ups to produce digital projects that will have an impact on society. It demonstrates their potential to create innovative solutions with Internet and Mobile technology addressing the goals defined by the Council of Europe and Europe 2020 as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The annual winners event (EYA Festival) is s a unique event combining knowledge – innovation – networking – inspiration – motivation taking place in Graz at the end of November. It is a public event and everybody is welcome to join. The primary objective of UniExo is to create an intuitive technology and human action vehicle to help injured people, those with disabilities, and older people with age-related musculoskeletal problems, by rehabilitating the damaged area and promoting movemen Wearing an exoskeleton put on in only two to five minutes and based on a personal diagnosis of the wearer’s actual movements, anyone can begin to move normally. Other applications include rehab after a heart attack or assistance with atrophied limbs due to a long bedridden recovery or even in the case of cerebral palsy.


UniExo company aims to help people with injuries and movement problems to restore the motor functions of their bodies with modular robotic exoskeleton devices. 
Kiev, Ukraine Ukraine
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Company description

UniExo aims to help people with traumas and movement problems to restore the motor functions of their bodies with the help of modular robotic exoskeleton devices.

Statistics of damaged bones and ligaments gives us a vivid picture of the need for faster improvement, which can be achieved with the help of our exoskeleton. Automating this process will also reduce insurance payments for health care.

Our product helps to save medical institutions for the purchase of medical products. This has a positive impact on the quality and the period of rehabilitation clinics. Therefore, people use this device, they will not engage in self-medication.









Business model

 In this time, our startup work in B2C business model. We makes different versions of exoskeleton, for private clients with problems of movements. If a client buys exoskeleton, he makes a contract; the price for arm module would be from € 5000; for leg module - starting from € 9000. I also propose B2B model of conducting business providing contracted services with equipment for private clinics, various sports and fitness clubs where the demand for this type of treatment is high.

Competitive advantage

 Our product is modular which gives great flexibility in contrast to stationary exoskeletons. Each module applies to corresponding part of the body. Using 3D printing, we can customize each module according to person's body peculiarities and decrease the cost of the exoskeleton. Our exoskeleton has robotic system of stabilizers working on special algorithms of balancing for arms and legs, which enables additional safety for patients during rehabilitation. It surpasses current approaches in medical rehabilitation. Easy control app tool for doctors, which is much more advanced in contrast to stationary equipment exoskeleton control system. Our device is mobile, compact, and easy to use for a child, teenager, adult or elderly people. This year we aim to create an advancement in adaptation of the exoskeleton under the control of AI algorithms, which will help adapt to the body of each person individually.