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It's a wiki-like, user-submitted database of lessons, seminars & textbook chapters. It would allow YouTube video of lectures & lab experiments. ***Basically, it's the ultimate online university.*** It's a wiki with credibility. Modified "Page Rank" could be employed to ensure credibility and "Google Scholar" could be linked for advanced lessons. The added twist is that users could create "profiles" to help them select appropriate lessons on desired topics. Designated "experts" could have "profile ID numbers" to assist in page-rank/searches. E.g. If you specify trust in Prof. Smith (ID #12345) and he personally trusts Prof.Jones (ID#6789) then when you're searching for a lesson the algorithm will weight accordingly (ranking Smith's lessons higher than Jones which would be higher than unknown sources). The reason parents in the Middle East send their children to madrasas (which are often bitterly anti-American) is because there's no alternative. If a free online school/university existed with the world's best lectures in every topic then children and students worldwide would watch and learn. Then teachers could be better served spending time one-on-one tutoring to specific needs and leaving the lectures to the best lecturers. This is the ultimate division of labor in the educational community. ALSO - Using flow-charts/permutation trees, users can have wiki/blog style debates that are visually navigable. Each branch can be infinitely extended and relinked to other branches with appropriate foot-noting. For each split there can be infinite responses appropriately ranked with page-rank or, better yet, with Optevi.com's bundles. This enables a chance at “settling” the well-worn parts of debates by crushing, “once and for all”, demonstrably false arguments and letting the debate continue where there isn’t consensus. These “debate trees” could be infinitely personalized to exclude/include according to preferences. FINALLY - Include an "Adviser" Section: Create a flow-chart, order of questions to be a guided evaluator for virtually everything. e.g. Website Design - “What is the subject? See these templates? Check these competitors? Do you have pictures or logos? Of these sub-dividers which do you have content for? Is it legible (consider color schemes)? Are all the options clear and navigable?” etc. Or Writing a Script - “What is the logline? Who are the main characters? What does the protagonist do and how does he/she change?” etc. Eventually, users could create their own “advisers” for their own interests.
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