U Grok It

U Grok It
The Smartphone way to Find Your Stuff
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description

We have lots of stuff that we continually misplace, causing frustration and conflict as we tear around searching for it. Haven't you wished that the thing you need right now could just speak up and tell you where it is?

U Grok It – Find Your Stuff

U Grok It is a smartphone system to help you find your stuff.

  • First, U Tag It, attaching cheap, lightweight tags to your stuff.
  • Then, U Lose It, we leave that to you.
  • Next, U Grok It, attach the gadget to your smartphone, quickly scan a room and know if your stuff is there or not.

Our initial target market is the over 20 million tech savvy US families because when the kids start to walk, the stuff starts to walk.

We bring the proven RFID technology being used in the supply chain to the consumer market with a low cost scanning device integrated with consumer applications and back end infrastructure.


Business model

There are three initial revenue streams -  product retail sales, sales of additional tags and subscription to advanced features.

Ultimately there are multiple product lines and licensing opportuniities based on the U Grok It platform that consists of the consumer price-point reader, web-based back end and APIs.

Competitive advantage

Existing tracking devices all use technologies that require bulkier, more expensive, battery powered tags only appropriate for tracking a few high-cost items. Our key differentiator is that U Grok It = Ubiquitous – allowing people to find all their stuff.