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 Indepedant Herbalife Distributor, products are plant based nutrients that provide vitamins,antioxidants and mineralsto support cell function.In this way our products deliver healthy nutrients to cells throughout the body, as part of a heathy diet. Cells are the basic unit of the human body, providing the power for everthing you do; From thinking to growing. We have a state of the art product and science center using advanced technology to create world class products and millions of satisfied cutomers worldwide! I am one myself I used to weigh 315 lbs. and felt miserable, my knees hurt my feet hurt and hips.I had chest pains at times that felt uncomfortable and scary like I may be having heart trouble. I had to change and it had to happen now. I started looking online and browsing weight related surveys. One day I got a phone call from a nice lady, we disscussed my situation and in a few minutes I felt compeled to do this! I now weight 245 and still losing I have absolutely changed my life for the better, my energy is unreal no more pains hold my body prisoner I have found what everyone should consider doing and I will personaly take care of and coach anyone who is interested in what we have! 
Business model
To help others achieve their personal weightloss and nutrition goals worldwide because this is something that must be done to stop an epidemic that is ending hundreds of thousands of peoples lives in a tragic way! Overweight adults in the U.S. 127 million! Obese adults in the U.S. 60 million! Severly obese adults in the U.S. 9 million it does not have to be this way and not to mention very expensive to all of us as taxpayers in added cost of healthcare. Reducing many of these statistics is not impossible, people need to be properly educated about ways to change poor diets to healthier ones. In turn medical costs concured by individuals wold decrease costing less to taxpayers overall.