Cuz matrimonial sites just don't cut it anymore! =)
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We could talk a lot or you could just watch this video we made to convey who we are what we're up to! 

So why did we start a Indian dating site especially when there are so many other sites out there?

Our usual short answer to this question is: ask any user of any Indian dating/matrimonial site across the globe if they are happy with their experience of what’s out there today, and you’ll most certainly understand why there’s a need for a better solution. Simply put, what’s out there is just not built well enough to give users an enjoyable, comfortable experience, and more importantly, hefty fees are charged for imperfect products. This is true for dating and matrimonial sites, alike.

Also, like every Entrepreneur whose product has a personal connection to them, our site is tied to our personal story. It all began when our parents 'attempted' to put one of our cofounder's profile up on a matrimonial site. You know the deal, finish college, look for a wife. But once we looked at the sites our parents had in mind. We were  floored that customers were paying for sub-par experiences, and these sites were getting away with it!. So, two things dawned upon us: 1. Like every nerd, we were going to solve our problem by building a website, and 2. We were going to build a better experience than what was out there, along with a sustainable business model - is on that path today.

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Business model

This is the easy part right? :)

We don't believe in charging the user for love, especially when they're making the effort to find it.  So we've got three models in place:

Premium membership:  the site itself is free to use, but for a few extra goodies, like personal profile reviews and extra options there is a small nominal fee for those that don't want to 'earn mangoes' via acitons and redeem them for the services.

Advertising:  like every standard social network, yup we got it. 

Media and Marketing Agency:  having turned the South Asian 'dating' scene upside down, we learnt a lot about the South Asian marketing space and how our users think.  Now we package that IP into strategic consulting with brands that want to see the same success and reach that TwoMangoes has.

Competitive advantage

Simply put, our competitors are still banking on the old ways of South Asian online courtship: mainly Matrimonial services that ask users for their skin color.

We're investing in the future, the social future of the South Asian dispora.  By building a site that's more in tune with today's South Asian professionals and giving them more of what they want, and less of 'what was' we're seeing a much stronger positive response to our services when compared to our competiors.  Additionally, our inate knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in the South Asian marketing and product space, having learnt this while directly connecting with our users on the street and online, see's us in a prime spot to capitalize on today and tomorrow's South Asian world.