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Company description

Twimbow is your social hub on the web.

Twimbow makes it easier to manage all the huge amount of data that comes from social media, removing noise and making it relevant for the user.

Twimbow provides additional & contextual content on top of social media activities, new layers of content enrich the overall user experience (through real-time semantic analysis).

Why we are different

Twimbow’s main focus is your network of friends / contacts not your “social networks”. It offers new effective ways to consume news and media and provides additional & contextual content on top of online conversations.

A mix of innovative features, built around users’ needs and habits makes it sticky and create enthusiasm in our users. Focus on users, their contacts and friends, regardless of the social network they belong to.

Twimbow is considered the “Apple of Social Media Dashboards” (source Tech Cocktail SF).

Awards and Mentions
Business model

Contextual advertising and premium sertvices

Competitive advantage

Semantic analysis of status updates in real time: this lets Twimbow add additional content and enrich the overall user experience with a UI never seen before.