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Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

Twezr is a personal organizer – the best way to stay in sync with close friends and co-workers. Twezr organizes all the contacts and all the content they’ve shared over email, Facebook and Twitter in one place. Twezr helps people quickly find, view and respond to the messages from their close friends and co-workers. Twezr is available for free in the iTunes app store.

Business model

According to Morgan Stanley estimates, Global Smartphone user base is expected to grow from 400 M in 2010 to over 1.3 B by the end of 2013. Based on these estimates, Twezr's addressable market would be in the range of $ 3-4 B by 2013.

Twezr has multiple revenue opportunities such as:

1. Offering a paid version of the product (freemium)

2. Offering value added services to business users (cloud backup of contacts, integration with enterprise services etc.,)

3. Offering virtual goods for various social interactions

4. Promoting local businesses within the contact lists

5. Personalized time sensitive deals

We a significant potential in promoting local businesses and instant deals within Twezr.

Competitive advantage

People are using Twezr to aggregate and organize their contacts and inboxes.  We would like to leverage our early leadership in contacts and message organization to develop a free text messaging network across Smartphone users.