TweetMeNews tweets you personalized, relevant news based on your interests
Mountain View, California, United States United States
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Company description

TweetMeNews is privately funded and has employees in Scottsdale, AZ & Mountain View, CA. TweetMeNews is a product built out of nobosh labs. The TweetMeNews service leverages nobosh's platform and algorithms and combines it with all things Twitter to create the TweetMeNews personalized news experience.

Where did the idea come from?

nobosh has been developing a news personalization engine for over a year. As time went on Twitter exploded! Since that explosion the world has seen a convergence of information on Twitter, reducing the need to visit other sites. Unfortunately, this convergence has not filtered out the quality information - you've got to sift through the "junk" to see what you really want to see!

Next came a lot of quality Twitter Apps, like TwitterFon, that made a great starting point for users to consume content on Twitter...and that's when the TweetMeNews flash bulb went off! Why build another standalone personalized news site when you can deliver personalized news content to Twitter via an application that users already visit and love?