Instant Recognition of TV shows and Commercials
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

TvTak recognizes television shows in just one second
A single click is all it takes to share what you’re watching on TV

TvTak is an innovative startup that develops smartphone apps for instant recognition of TV shows and commercials as they are being broadcast.

A viewer points his iPhone to the TV screen, and TvTak detects the show or the commercial within one second. It works on any television set.

TvTak offers new types of direct engagement between viewers and advertisers. See something that interests you?  Advertisers can create an immediate call to action with spontaneity and no hassle. Watching an inspiring commercial; see it, point and click to call, to get more info, or download a cool app sponsored by the brand.  


Business model

We are launching the TvTak App in the next few days in the Apple App Store. 

We also provide a white-label Software Development Kit (or SDK) for other companies to use our technology within their own apps.


Competitive advantage

We have developed unique algorithms for instant video recognition of TV Shows as they’re being broadcast.

Everything is real-time, there´s no need to process any video before hand.

It works on any television set, no need to have a special set-up box or to buy a new TV with WIFI connection.

No other App available today is able to point at a television, and detect a show or a commercial within one second.

To compare, Apps using audio recognition take between 5 to 12 seconds to recognize a signal.