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Company description

Turbo140 is the leading website to help people find and source micro-jobs - which include anything from Spanish tutoring to helping a neighbor move a fridge. Using the full power of the web, including your social media networks, Turbo140 makes it easy to find people to do your work or make a little extra money.

Many of us need a little help getting all of our work done. As individuals, we don't like taking down holiday decorations. As businesses, we wonder if we're over paying for a service that someone may be willing to provide at significantly less cost. And as non-profit organizations, we're constantly in search of willing participants and volunteers. At Turbo140, we bring the masses together and facilitate a posting and bidding service that finds you the right person at the right price.

Business model

Turbo140’s customer-base is bifurcated, composed of users (including businesses and consumers) who represent the “ask” (requesting service at a specified price) and those who represent the “bid” (proposing service at a specified cost). Turbo140 will address the needs of both segments, while also generating returns for the company’s stakeholders.

  • Value is created for the “ask” in that this user base is able to outsource work to be completed by others at less time and/or expense than would have been otherwise spent by doing the job or finding alternative means through less efficient processes. 


  • Value is created for the “bid” in that this user base is able to find gigs and generate cash flow with a simplified and dynamic user experience that reduces the time and expense of finding such micro-job opportunities. 


  • Finally, Turbo140 captures value by monetizing user traffic and transactions through creative features that enhance the marketplace dynamics. 


Competitive advantage

Turbo140's two key advantages include market pricing and transparency.  Up to this point, the so-called marketplace for services involves a digitized yellow-pages and non-competitive pricing.  At Turbo140, users are aware of other users and their bids, and thus must compete for your gig.  Additionally, by layering our service with transparency (included detailed profiles of who posted the gig and who is bidding), we enable providers to bid competitively and users who post gigs to select the best value - not merely the lowest price.