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A vertical search engine (think or for post-secondary education programs.
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Company description

Tuitioncast continuously compiles content from online education directories and individual post-secondary institutions' websites to create a comprehensive searchable database of degrees, programs and courses. Like vertical search engines in other sectors (e.g. Indeed or Kayak), Tuitioncast can deliver targeted pay-per-click user traffic at highly competitive price points to its clients - higher education institutions and intermediaries.

Business model

Our primary revenue stream: paid-search-media within the TuitionCast search environment. Sponsored Links (pay-per-click ads) allow for media purchasers to access targeted, contextual, & measurable ad channels.

Competitive advantage

Non-vertical search tools like Google deliver cluttered results.  Online Educational Directories (such as EducationalDynamics, AllStarsDirectories and CollegeBoundNetwork) require users to populate lead generation forms and do not deliver targeted search traffic directly to content source sites. TuitionCast does not require users to fill out forms and offers direct links to relevant content located on institutions and intermediaries' websites.