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TruGenomix Health is a precision genomics company, focused on advancing the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders by offering better identification and targeted, personalized treatment options. Our first product is a genomic blood test to diagnose a predisposition to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our first target markets are the active duty military and first-responder populations.


The current diagnostic protocol relies on observed behavior and/or self-reporting, leaving many untreated or undertreated, which highlights the need for a biomarker. Our genomic test will not only improve diagnosis and patient outcomes but will have a significant impact on therapeutic development and personalized treatment plans.


TruGenomix Health has developed a gene expression assay for predisposition to PTSD that we will use to facilitate earlier diagnosis and improve treatment outcomes. Our 1st generation product a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) laboratory developed test (LDT), assesses expression levels of key biomarkers using RNA from blood samples and will be used as a PTSD risk stratification tool. Our 2nd generation product, a multiomics assay, will assess an individual’s genetic risk for PTSD along with comorbidities including anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. Future product iterations include a clinical diagnostic test for these conditions in combination with pharmacogenetic profiling to improve treatment outcomes.


Business model

Business Model

Competitive advantage

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property is based on research conducted by members of our advisory board on Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and 911/WTC first-responders. The researchers identified and patented a gene expression profile that identifies a predisposition to PTSD and licensed the IP to TruGenomix Health, Inc. With our exclusive worldwide license, we will develop a laboratory developed test (LDT) and expand our patent estate to include the epigenetic profile driving the expression profile. The inventors are also members of our scientific advisory board.

Commercialization Strategy

Our first-generation product is a CLIA LDT for PTSD, based on a validated set of genomic biomarkers, that will be developed by mid-2019, shortly followed by our second-generation product with expanded comorbidity testing capabilities. The primary market for our PTSD LDT will be the military (Department of Defense) acrtive duty military populations due to the immediate need of this agency. We will also develop an FDA-approved genomic diagnostic test for PTSD within 3 years for the veteran and civilian consumer health markets. It’s also important to note that comparable companies with mental health-related LDT’s, have been acquisition targets in as few as 2 years of obtaining a large federal contract (i.e. with the VA, DoD).


TruGenomix Health Inc. has a strong group of collaborators including Illumina Inc., which has made initial investments in the company through its Illumina Accelerator Program providing access to the latest NGS sequencing technology and assay design as well as access to capital and matching fund investments. In addition, we have a strong team of academic collaborators such as Dr. Kerry James Ressler, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Chief Scientific Officer of the Mclean Hospital, PI of the Grady Trauma Project cohort, along with Dr. Maheen Adamson, of the Palo Alto VA Medical Center, and Rachel Yehuda and Joseph Buxbaum of the Bronx VA Medical Center and Mt. Sinai hospital. These collaborative relationships provide us access to over 2000 samples of both normal and confirmed PTSD patient blood and saliva samples that can be used to further validate our PTSD biomarker panel and refine our initial LDT test product.