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Company description

Truevert ( is a vertical semantic search engine with an attitude.  This attitude colors the way that Truevert looks at the world.  The underlying technology lets computers understand language the way people do.  Truevert applies that technology to deliver the most focused and useful search results possible.

Truevert's first product is a green search engine.  It sees the world through the lens of environmental and sustainability concerns.  Truevert knows what words mean from this perspective.  Search for the word "CFL," for example, and it returns pages about compact fluorescent light bulbs, not the Canadian Football League.  Search for toilets, and it tells you about water-saving and composting toilets, not Porta-Johns or the latest creation from Toto.

Truevert learns its attitude automatically.  No one has to design categories or identify synonyms for it to work.  Verticals or topics are Truevert's point of view.  Topics can be as broad (e.g., consumer products) or as narrow (e.g., an individual) as you like, in any language.  It takes only minutes, and no particular skill to create a new vertical.

Truevert's second product, Meaningz, launched in private beta on September 14, 2009.  Meaningz uses the Truevert technology to power personal semantic search.  It uses your twitter feed and the pages that your friends recommend to understand what words mean to you.  Meaningz is a personal agent that identifies the information you care about in your social network and on the web.  It surfaces what you and your friends know and care about—who you are, where you are, what you know, who you know.  Meaningz cuts through the crud and ambiguity of the Web to return targeted, timely, search results from your network and from the web that are uniquely focused on your interests. Go to  

Business model

Build out sponsored vertical search engines as well as engines supported by advertising.

Competitive advantage

Truevert is based on proprietary, patent-pending technology that learns the meaning of words from the documents that it reads.  It then applies these meanings to deliver search results that are automatically tuned to the interests of its users.  Truevert delivers semantic search results without having to rely on ontologies, taxonomies, microformats, or any other kind of tagging.

With Truevert Green, when you search for a word like CFL, it returns pages about compact fluorescent light bulbs, not the Canadian Football League.  It focused on your specific interests.