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Company description

Our goal is to deliver the best 3D imaging technology in the palm of your hand. We've built a community of over 10,000 users without any current marketing. Our technology will be an integral component of the future expansion of 3D imaging, 3D printing, and virtual reality. 


Awards and Mentions
Business model

TRNIO combines mobile 3D content creation, 3D content sharing, and social networking to provide users with a platform to easily create, consume, and share 3D content.  

Our current use cases include:

  • Scanning of faces to instantly create photo realistic avatars for gaming or social media 3D selfies.
  • Democratizing content creation for 3D printing and VR.
  • Radically reducing content creation costs for 3D printing, and VR.
  • Increasing conversion on e-commerce by offering 3D models of every product. 


Competitive advantage

Technology across entire 3D value chain

Through our advanced technology, TRNIO captures the entire 3D media value chain from creation to distribution.  While our competitors focus on single components of the 3D media value chain, TRNIO offers a unique platform that allows users to seamlessly create, share, and consume 3D content along any and all domains of the 3D media value chain.  

Hardware agnostic

TRNIO’s cloud-based software was designed to be hardware agnostic in order to offer our users consistent and uncompromised quality across all hardware devices. 

Software modularity

We built TRNIO with the future in mind.  Our software modularity allows us to add new functionalities and innovations.