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Explore your tribe, uncover their views, and drive change in your business

Who is my tribe? Your clients or customers, staff, suppliers, contacts and competitors form your tribe.

Why should I know my tribe? Your tribe has experienced your organisation. They know your strengths that you should be marketing, the words to describe you and ways to develop your business. Strengths, words and ways which may differ from your perspective.

Your tribe is waiting with the answers. Waiting for you to formally ask them.

As a leader, you want to be clear-headed about your next step. Our products, tools and services will help you get to know your tribe, and drive positive change in your business.

Have you asked them recently?

Tribe Research created Tribal Tool-Kit to help you get to know your tribe easily and visually.

The current tools in the kit are: CloudMaker (word cloud generator that allows you to edit the words and merge similar ones - like customise and customize) and ActionMap (understand priorities for marketing and business planning).

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