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Company description

TraveLinkin is a networking application connected to LinkedIn that matches passengers on the go based on business interests and organizes meetings with potential business partners. The service is provided while planning the trip and after flight booking and is available with corporate/alumni email. By simply forwarding airline confirmation email, the artificial intelligence matches users with people they may be interested in. By using travel aggregators, TraveLinkin proposes plans ad hoc, based on networking desires. We will radically disrupt the business travel paradigm, allowing users to manage their future coincidences.

Unlike other seatmate applications, TraveLinkin focuses on boosting business travellers’ efficiency and covers a pool of carriers, making the user experience even easier. 

TraveLinkin is ideal for big corporation (to connect employees from different regions, to find new deals and expand the clients portfolio), event attendees (i.e. trade fairs where sales managers typically generates 15% of annual revenues) and groups (alumni, lobbies or Linkedin Groups), who want to connect, travel together or just increase their network. TraveLinkin is an exclusive community and is protected by a system of feedback (ranking) and provides elite features.

Awards and Mentions
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    Mind the Bridge Startup School is a three-week program in San Francisco, that offers selected participants both theoretical and experiential learning of what it’s like to be a Silicon Valley startup. Aimed at teaching participants to think like an entrepreneur, the workshop is also tailored to address the entrepreneurial needs of students and professionals to transform their ideas into a new venture worthy of financial support. Valentina Morigi was selected to participate the program, developing her entrepreneurial idea: TraveLinkin.
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    Girls in Tech Italy awarded TraveLinkin for a famous co-working space in Milan, which sponsored by Telecom Italia (big Italian telecommunication company)
  • Business model

    We adopted the freemium business model and 2 account types are provided. FREE: by simply forwarding us the airline confirmation email, the artificial intelligence will forecast where people will be and will match users based on their profiles/preferences for the travel mate. The system will send a notification with a list of people that users may meet, and by changing the affinity level (as a %), users can decide with who travel with. Then, the system sends a meeting proposal to the other person; users can start a chat to arrange details. PRO: users can look for specific type of people they want to do business with. By specifying travel details on your favorite travel aggregator site, we propose travel plans ad hoc (collaborating with travel aggregators for the flights options), organizing one-to-one meetings at the airport and on the plane, based on users profiles/preferences. A system of feedback will guarantee the reliability of the service and users’ behavior. After every trip users will be asked to rate the travel mate in a scale from 1 to 5 plus a short explanation. Users with a low rate will not be able to use our service the following trip. Moreover, every user can specify the time dedicated to networking for each trip. The service is provided both while planning the trip and after flight reservation and is only available with corporate email.

    Our go-to-market strategy is based on strategic partnerships with travel data collectors and aggregators (we are already partnering with 2 of them), which will help us obtaining our own brand. In exchange of their information, we will offer their customers a brand new service, decreasing the dropout rate.

    Once created a known brand, we will get partnership with carriers, increasing business class ticket sale (or similar class), and selling them valuable information.

    Competitive advantage

    Unlike KLM service and other seatmate applications (such as Planely), TraveLinkin focuses on boosting business travellers’ efficiency and covers a pool of carriers, making the user experience even easier. TraveLinkin help business people making the most of their business trip, increasing the return of investment of the trip itself. We give our users the opportunity to turn casualty into a choice and unproductive time into a profitable deal on the fly. Furthermore, our matching algorithm is thought also to enable jet lag recovery during the journey.