Location: Bangalore, India India
Founded in: 2017
Number of employees: 1-5
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Trashcon Labs Private Limited

Bangalore, India India
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TrashCon is disrupting the Waste Management Industry with its patent‐pending first‐in‐the‐world technology to automate and De‐centralise the industry. Mixed municipal solid waste is the ‘Trash’ that ends up sitting in the landfills or gets burnt on the streets. The problem of no segregation in developing countries has amounted to pollution in all forms – air, water and land. Huge population in countries like India and Africa has led to efforts of monitoring and control futile. Centralized segregation processes have in the past been inefficient or manually intensive. Our patent‐pending product TrashBot segregates mixed Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into biodegradable and non‐biodegradable components to more than 90% efficiency. The machine is first of its kind with TrashCon filing four patents on it. The segregated waste finds application in recycling units, waste‐to‐energy plants, composting units, bio‐methanization plants, apartments, commercial establishments and municipal corporations. Currently, the aforesaid segments utilize manual segregation which gives them irregular and infrequent input at low margins. Further, the societal impact of our innovation has far reaching benefits viz eradicating the waste‐borne diseases, plague causing rodents and increasing the life span of the ragpickers and waste segregators.