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The importance of getting high quality Trap Beats

You may wonder why you should get high quality instrumentals if you aren't a major artist. Well, the idea is, if you don't get high quality instrumentals you will not get to the point of a major artist. That's something like an stage, once you've reached it everything's good and everyone want to work with you, but until that you gotta invest in the best beats and instrumentals to stand out of a overwhelmed audience. The good point is, since beats are usually almost the 50% of a song, you should get the better thing out there. It really helps to get you noticed and definitely you'd turn your trap mixtape from a bluff to a boom.


If you aren't a major artist then you should focus in the trends, and trends are trap music and trap instrumentals

With that said, and IMHO if you're recording a new mixtape or EP, you should get back to work to the drawing table and write some more dope trap songs. I've been focused in the trap scene before it was called Trap as is. And that's important because it can make you sure that it's not a mimicked beat or even a cloned Type Beat, that happens more often.

Feel free to check out our latest beats and give us some feedback, it's always welcome.

Peace out!