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Transforming online ad industry
Redwood City, California, United States United States
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A transformation is occurring in the online advertising market, and NebuAd is leading the way with the industry’s first consumer-centric behavioral targeting network. As the US online advertising marketing grows to exceed $25 billion in 2010, all players in the ecosystem are striving to improve results and generate more revenue.

Through its unique technology and methodology, industry expertise, and ISP partnerships, NebuAd is leading the industry to a new level of advertising effectiveness. NebuAd combines web-wide consumer activity data with reach into any site on the Internet. The result is vastly more data and relevance than existing solutions that are limited to one network or site.

According to Adweek:  

One of the more promising new avenues involves the collection of additional data about consumers. NebuAd, which is backed by $30 million in venture financing, is one of a few companies striking deals with Internet service providers to track users across all their Web activities, including search.
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