Tradepal, Inc
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Tradepal is a people-centric marketplace that helps users list, discover, share and trade unique items with trusted peers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the building of a proprietary interest graph leading to the discovery, sharing and trading of items among like-minded people.

Tradepal, the product, is made up of a core principle and multiple functionalities. Central to the experience on Tradepal is the social and interest graphs of the user, commonly called the Cluster of Friends, that includes both Facebook friends on Tradepal and Tradepal friends. The functionalities evolve around a User Profile that comprises the user’s Garage, the Friends’ and Friends of Friends’ listings, the user’s Wishes and individual Carbon Savings Calculator. Both Garages and Listed Items could be shared internally with Tradepal friends, or externally with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Users can trade with peers by instantly buying an item using the Buy Now option or by sending an offer using either cash and/or barter. Users can also communicate with one another using messaging, item comments, or chat. The concept of Trust is based on both the use of Facebook identities as Tradepal identities as well as a rating system derived from all transactions conducted on the platform. All payments are conducted through PayPal’s Adaptive Payment and benefit from PayPal’s Buyer’s Protection. See