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Whenever you ask 'what's the rest of the team up to?' Traction will show you, not just tell you.

Traction is a mobile app that empowers teams to complete their projects on time. Users can create projects, delegate tasks, access an activity feed, and leverage rich analytics about productivity to develop teams and people.

The central dashboard is a timeline that allows users to see their own and the team's tasks relative to time - teammates can work in context and provide meaningful mutual support. Project leaders are alerted when critical tasks are at risk and can redirect resources. Tasks up for grabs (not assigned to a particular user) allow team members to demonstrate initiative and burden share. Seamless integration with a calendar identifies space in which to tackle an assigned task. The activity feed captures key events... When a task is delegated, completed, made up for grabs, etc.

We have a beta population identified and our talented team can't wait to field our MVP in late 2015 / early 2016.