Tracks Media, Inc.

Tracks Media, Inc.
A fun way to Track experiences and interests with friends!
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Tracks is building the experience graph.  The Tracks mobile and web service that lets users effortlessly make micro-social networks around real world experiences. 'Tracks’ can be geo, temporal or last forever. Make tracks for a family cruise, football season, date nights, pub crawls, a year in college. Each track is a living social network based on thematic experiences in the real world. Tracks are framed around rich media and made over time and across locations. This lightweight concept lets users map fluid real world networks.

Awards and Mentions
Business model

Sponsored track as an ad unit for bi-directional engagement with brands.  These sponsored tracks can also be geo-based.  We will charge on a  CPA basis

Premium services - themes market for designers to sell special themese for tracks (holidays, valentine's day, birthday) on a revenue share basis.

Competitive advantage

The Track Concept

The concept of the 'track' as the social object is highly differentiated.  We turn the mobile social networking phenomenon on its head and tie it to a track where micro-networks comes in and out of.  See this blog post:

The Experience Graph - 

Technology Stack

We have built a cloud based micro-social network technology platform. This includes proprietary APIs for image processing, thumbnailing, geo-location and token matching on web and mobile. Our scalable stack leverages NoSQL (MongoDB), and a hybrid JRuby Rails/Scala-based architecture powered by the JVM. Deployment is streamlined via Elastic Beanstalk and scalability engine AWS Elastic Autoscale.

Design ethos

Beauty and design are at the heart of our company culture.  Mobile applications raise the design bar and the team ethos is cenetered around building the MBP - Minimal Beautiful Product.