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Company description for our wearable tech LED campaign up now!

Current projects:  NDA LED project, Hackable Kits and Helmets, R&D for cleantech village, transparent screens from Star Trek to market.

Recent notables:  Destroid touring now, Star Trek Into Darkness, Dark Knight Rises, Helmet engineering/fabrication for the movie TRON including detailed programmable LED helmets for Daft Punk (new helmets to come)

Unique systems integration, new inventions and advanced development for partners: Toyshoppe Systems builds large and small projects for clients in media, entertainment, cleantech, consumer goods and international events.

  • Evonne Heyning
    Evonne Heyning | Team member
    CoFounder of EDDEFY - Creating a personalized, lifelong learning toolkit that connects all of the different types of learning content adapted for the way you learn best.
  • Brent Heyning
    Brent Heyning | Team member
  • Joyce Bettencourt
    Joyce Bettencourt | Team member
Business model

Engineering:  new inventions for market including DIY and open source solutions with communities associated for brand development

R&D:  partnerships with high level firms servicing space travel, government and media technical innovations (have been providing this service for 15 years)

Products:  releasing new inventions for market starting 4Q 2010.

Production Services:  Cleantech LED design with large events and festivals including SXSW 2011 product releases in conjunction with production sponsorship and assistance on many major events reaching millions per year. Typical events include Coachella, Burning Man, CicLAVia and GLOW which collectively reach over a million people yearly.  Services break even and provide free advertising and company recognition in collaboration with community events in the arts.

Competitive advantage

20 years of Hollywood media experience working with studios and major releases. Outstanding reputation as a builder who can achieve the impossible.