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Company description
TouristWay is a web application to create online-booking web sites through dead-simple load/publish/sell steps. Not another affiliation program for a travel supermarket nor a new review-and-recommendation portal, because someone needs to feed the ecosystem of travel-tools with new offers to crawl and re-mix.

Business model

Our business model is just SaaS with a fixed monthly fee and feature-packs, we don't ask commissions on reservations but we leverage the upward trend in the number of travel suppliers realistically believing in the opportunity to address directly and independently the end-customers and succeed building their own sales channel.

Our target customers are all suppliers of accommodations (hotels, apartments, villas, camping, private houses), activities (trips, sightseeings, sports) and land/water services (transfers, taxi, private cars, equipment rentals, boat rentals) as well as those who don’t own the product but have a clever marketing idea or knowledge of a specific area (Diving, Party islands, Gay, Trekking, Luxury, Tibet, etc.) valuable to their customers

Competitive advantage
- We don't lock our user's products in the strict format of a travel portal but we let them build their own presence and deliver their competitive edge their way. We make sure our users can build guides, share experiences and create a compelling offer including their products as well as extra services.

- We offer support for multiple types of products through dynamic packaging features. Not just activities or just apartments but almost any combination of accommodation and services. 
- Our business model is just SaaS with a fixed monthly fee and feature-packs, we don't ask commissions on reservations because any small travel business want to escape from the onerous fees of big online travel agents.
- TouristWay is an incredibly specialized tool, focused on the peculiar needs of travel products that no generic content management or ecommerce system can appropriately handle (conditional discounts, seasonal pricing, availability, etc.).

- Graphic themes, editable templates and an extensive API make TouristWay a modern platform extremely friendly to customizations and third-party extensions.