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Company description

Social Media is fundamentally changing the way people travel. The meteoric growth of sharing and collaborative consumption in travel is fueled by a desire to interact with locals and experience cultures firsthand. We envision Touristlink as the world’s largest online community of frequent travelers, locals and small travel providers.

Touristlink is now one of the fastest growing “big” social travel sites. We expect to grow our member base from 30,000 today to 300,000 in the next 8 months. The number of daily active users has grown close to 100% month/month during the last 5 months.

Touristlink lets travelers connect with each other and with locals for tours, transport, cultural, language exchanges, friendships and more. Members posting trip plans and are matched with other travelers and locals based on shared itineraries and interests. Given the current traction we feel we have cracked a model that marries personalized travel itineraries and relevant local social content.


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Business model

We collect "a travel graph" of every member who signups. Members post where they want to go, where they live, interests, tastes and budget. This information will allow us to effectively deliver highly personalized advertising.

Small travel providers on the site can be charged a per/lead fee or a freemium type subscription model could be employed. We have over 7000 small travel business active on the website and over 50% of these have indicated a willingness to pay for either leads or a subscription. We recently negotiated a deal to sell leads to one of India's leading travel companies.

Competitive advantage

There are plenty of social travel startups. The key differentiating factor is traction. Touristlink is getting 15,000 unique visits a day and has over 1500 daily active return users. We are starting to see network effects drive growth as we have over 30,000 members at present of which 7000 are small travel businesses. These small providers are now adding over 100 new tours a week to the site.