Instant text summarizaton and fact extraction
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Breaking News: Topicmarks winner at Mini-Seedcamp Copenhagen

Topicmarks is your reading machine. It summarizes electronic documents in seconds, so that you only have to read a little. But it also extracts all facts into your personal knowledge base, so that you will always remember everything.

Search engines are so effective that the human problem is no longer to find information, but to process it. With Topicmarks, people can simply keep learning and linking facts and information without having to do any of the tedious manual searching, downloading, skimming and storign of new publications themselves.


Business model

Targeted towards college students in need of help with writing papers, Topicmarks will make money through premium subscriptions, some context-sensitive ads for free users plus licensing fees for our data repositories.

Competitive advantage

Topicmarks has a unique human-machine collaboration approach to text summarization and fact extraction, a patent for which is pending at the US patent office.