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Company description

Webjobfeeds has integrated the best freelance sites, we have continous flow of business opportunities that could entirely satisfy a big market of softwar, design companies.

Our market is totally diversified and we have included a big range of categories where we group all the opportunities clasified. We also have a great search engine to search for opportunities such as illustrator, .NET, SAP, game develping, mobile services, designer, developer, PHP and many other.


 The companies offering services are aware that there is no competition involved on our site if we can clasify information and provide a detailed service to companies or freelancers searching for specific opportunities or maybe attending another kind of bigger market.


We also provide market analysis and research for individuals and companies interested in market flow and specialization.

Business model

We are on a prototype phase awaiting to hear from our own sources as they might be interested in becoming an international association.


We understand we can make the freelance market significative and provide big tech companies with trends in the market.


- Our business model is to build a huge database of freelance opportunities classify them and as an international association be able to sell services to high tech companies, market regulation institutions, softwasre companies, small business and of course freelancers.

- Still be devoted to the freelancer in search for opportunities, offer resources for them to grow as independent contractors allways having the needed sensibility.

- Perform local associations with government and direct our concerns to our sources of information to grow as a corporation looking for the same objectvies.

- Develop our own software to be able to offer them to international companies in search for dynamic application generation tools. 

 - Be a reference regarding to market information, latest tech news and product releases.

- As an institution help developing local companies with opportunities offered in a business to business environment.

- Be able to organize information provided by the sources with tags and other elements in order to be able to produce more specific business information. 

- Promote our software product in a business model like Magento but with resources being able to create jobs in the freelance market. 



Competitive advantage

We have been indexing information for quite a time right now and we think we have exclusive information to offer to the market.

We have many techniques involved in the indexing of the information offered by the sources some of them have their information clasiffied some of them do not.

We have a wide range of solutions to offer to specific companies searching for fast development of desktop applications.

We are registered at nyc at the stock market.

We have all the legal issues in order at the local market.

We have experience providing customers with applications from GIS, Games, workflow,  develpment organization at financial institutions,government and call center solutions.