To Your Taste For Wine

To Your Taste For Wine
Let your nose be your guide...
Laurel, Maryland, United States United States
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Company description

Do you know:

  • That 80% of the flavor of wine comes from the aromas?
  • How to detect a flawed or defective bottle of wine? 
  • How wines are evaluated? 
  • How to interpret those wine reviews you read in magazines?

Let your nose be your guide and you can learn this and much more while having great wine-tasting parties, with the To Your Taste!® Wine Party Kit

The To Your Taste!® Wine Party Kit is everything you need to know and do to throw great wine-tasting parties, and it includes three games that help you and your guests learn how to taste wine, evaluate wine, and review wine just like the professionals do. Play Taste It! and learn how to use the five steps to taste wine (See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Swallow/Spit) and how to recognize a defective or flawed bottle of wine. Evaluate It! --learn how to use the five steps to evaluate wine using the industry-standard 100-point scale. And learn how to write hilarious, outrageous wine reviews using phrases from actual wine reviews in consumer wine magazines, when you play Review It!

  • Heidi McLain
    Heidi McLain | Team member
    When I was in my early twenties I started going to wine tastings and joined some wine-tasting groups. I wanted to learn about wine and find a rich man to marry, and I thought this would be a good way to accomplish both. Well, the first part worked...
Business model

TYT’s primary market is wine consumers in the US, with a secondary market of wine educators in the US. TYT is a privately owned limited liability company with a sole proprietor, Heidi L. McLain. The company is a legal entity in the State of Maryland. 


Our kit production will be executed by Shree Gajanan Prints in Hyderabad, India; the wine faults aromas are produced by AROMABAR in Karlsruhe, Germany and all of our sales operations will be conducted on the supply chain platform, from customer interface through to fulfillment and returns. 

Competitive advantage

TYT’s competitive edge is derived from its founder’s many years of research and experience helping wine consumers in selecting and buying wine. Her passion for all things ‘wine’ is renowned for its infectious nature and interpersonal qualities. Gatherings small and large invariably become exciting events when Heidi McLain is present to blend the universal affection for social convocation with the adventure of wine insights and tastes. With patented wine faults aromas, the TYT Kit is unique in format, design and innovation. The result is a very high quality product that stands alone as the ‘reference store’ for others who may attempt to compete in the marketplace, in the future. As the timeline for product development is necessarily measured in years, we anticipate that any competitive product will arrive in the marketplace, if at all, long after the TYT Kit has established a singular recognition as the market standard.